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The AWS Cloud Growth Equipment (CDK) comes with a listing of instructions that that you must know:

cdk listing (ls) Lists the stacks within the app
cdk synthesize (synth) Synthesizes and prints the CloudFormation template for the required stack(s)
cdk bootstrap Deploys the CDK Toolkit staging stack; see Bootstrapping
cdk deploy Deploys the required stack(s)
cdk destroy Destroys the required stack(s)
cdk diff Compares the required stack with the deployed stack or a neighborhood CloudFormation template
cdk metadata Shows metadata concerning the specified stack
cdk init Creates a brand new CDK undertaking within the present listing from a specified template
cdk context Manages cached context values
cdk docs (doc) Opens the CDK API reference in your browser
cdk physician Checks your CDK undertaking for potential issues

You may study extra concerning the CDK right here:

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